There is something delightfully different about the water in my new place.  This is Pasadena water.  My folk’s Northern Cal well water tastes cleanly tasteless.  The Santa Barbara water I recently sampled was like sipping a swimming pool which was almost pleasant compared to the mouthful of liquid dustbunnies I am used to tasting there.  No the water here tastes like old pipes and a bit of earth.  


Folks were concerned that I wouldn’t be able to see the foothills here, that they would be shrouded in smog.  Not so.  I could have had an eyeful all day, if only I could ever sit still somewhere other than the ocean or behind the wheel of my car. The sloping ridges stood right there in plain sight all day long.  Ruffled ridges yellow wild flowers and all.  So fear not, the foothills are unveiled. 


Pasadena.  So far my prescient sense for this place and all my accompanying anticipation have been fulfilled spot on. I walked around my tree shaded block this morning enjoying the faces the people and houses I met along the way.  The sun was sort of tap dancing brightly.  Bright and gay and not the least bit oppressive.  The weather carried on the rest of the day in a likewise manner.  There was not even enough heat going to get you sweating in your car.  Just warm enough to dry laundry in a couple of hours.


Clothes Lines!  I am a sucker for clothes lines.  I’m not sure if it’s Kathy K’s fault for instilling a love in me for stiff laundry, or the roof top menageries of Katmandu.  Or maybe it was the Pony Soap and smoke fiasco at the Eagle’s Nest.  I’m sure it has something to do with the delight of conservation.  But the point is, after pulling out my first clean wet load of laundry in my new digs, I was greeted immediately by laundry lines picturesquely hung between neighboring bungalows.  The lines even had a neatly hung bag of rust free clothes pins at the ready.  Oh bliss!  I hung up my clean clothes, stashing my personals (these are community lines after all, and I’m a prude),  humming a tune and letting the sun and sweet breeze have at them.