So here I am daily hardly being able to stand it.  You try going to program overviews with course options like “Child Soldiers” and “Poverty and Development” or “Relief, Refugees and Conflict”.  Or how about this one, “Globalization and the Poor.”  I’m giddy from the center of my core.  Not like I’ll take a class and save the world giddy, but I just can’t believe  that I get to study subjects that I’m used to just reading articles aobut.  As one Prof put it today, who spent 20 years working with World Vision, “We won’t necessarily be able to give you answers, but we will be able to help you better articulate the questions.”  There is a beauty and purpose that is not of our design that is woven of our haphazard good intent and action, but oh to be able to step back and begin to understand some of the pattern and more intentionally and purposefully join in!  I’m looking forward to this.  

Metanarrative.  I want to look at the story about the story, so to speak.  I’m looking forward to being self-reflective about the actions being taken, about the serving process in regards to areas where service is most needed or lacking.  (Did I  mention that I hope to become more articulate?)  

Well my dear dear pal E. Jayne just arrived, so I had better away.  More to come of course.