Today I got the one of those most delightful of gifts that a student can get, a care package.  My old roomies and friends in Sac sent me off a box of love and madness.  I’ll give you the illustrated version. 

The package arrived on my front doorstep with E. Jayne’s distinctively scriptive “I worked at a stationary shop in Montecito” writing on top.  Yippy!  I had an inkling it might include some items that are taking an extended layover at my old Sac house right now.  What I was really surprised to find was just which items it included.  

To your right is exhibit A.  This is the poor ol plant that was transported in a friend’s trunk from Hum Co to Sacto which shriveled up and died in the process.  Partially because that process included not making it to my old house and living in the heat in the trunk for just under a week or so.  But now I have its remains at the ready to remember it by.  10  points to E. Jayne for having the good sense to send this to me.  Hilarious!  The plant was rockin’, but it was actually its pot that I was really attached to.  It was growing in this great mosaic-ed piece of artwork that a friend made me.  

Exhibit B.  Here’s the contents of the box that came under the dead plant.  From left to right-ish.  A bag of zucchini bread muffins made using a home grown zucchini and Jason Presley’s recipe.  Could a more thoughtful food item be sent?  Perhaps only Jason’s recipe scones.  There’s also an origami bat from the terribly clever Summer, and some favorite pictures that were also caught in the layover.  And soap!  I guess either I smelled distinctively awful when E. Jayne visited, or she knows me well enough to realize that I can’t bring myself to buy a bar of soap when I know I have heaps of it waiting for me in the layover goods.  (Side note.  Hey everybody, I want to take this moment to make a plug for bar soap.  You know how oil (not the vegetable kind) is a non-rewable resource and turning oil into plastic is a big waste producing, energy sucking, non-renewable, non-sustainable blight on the human race?  Well, why not chuck that soap-in-a-bottle habit and clean your hands in more way than one with a bar of soap?  Sweet.)  There was also some dentist approved gum.  I guess my breath was competing with my BO. Bummer.  And the a whole pack of nifty pins that basically say that Creation looks best in green.  There were a few other sundries and this…  

Exhibit C.  A colorful photo banner from mes amigas.  (Spanglish)  My white walls were begging for color.  And now they are hung with booty kickin’ quotes and dear ones’ faces.  How lovely.  What better to fill a wall with?  If I can’t have them in person, I can at least plaster my wall with their sweet and familiar faces.  

Thanks 521 Street!!