Briefly.  My roommates both have lived in Texas.  One is from there.  (Texans are hilarious.)  They introduced me to some Tex-Mex called “Migas.”  I’m hooked.  In honor of this amazing dish and because gathering people around a home made meal is about the best thing, we had a migas night  with our community of neighbors plus some.   We alternately named our gathering “Migas Mittwoch” or “Mercules Migas.”  (“Migas Wednesdays” in Deutsch or Espanol.) It may become a regular gig.

So for your eating pleasure, here’s the break down on how to make some migas for yourself.  They just happen to be the perfect food to gather people around because the ingredients are easy to assemble and the cook up really fast.  And you can make them for any meal really.  So without further ado…


Eggs, Jalepenos, tomatoes, onions, red bell pepper, cheese, salty corn chips, tortillas.  I’m sure you can add other vegetables to your liking (or take some out).  

Simply chop up the vegetables however you like, stir them into beaten eggs and cook like a scrambled omelet in a skillet with oil, adding some cheese and somewhat crushed up chips as you go. Heat up tortillas and eat the eggs in them or tear them up and cook them in with the eggs.  This doesn’t seem to be too precise of a sport.  We tend to cook our onions in some oil in the pan first and then throw in the rest.  I, being addicted to heat, add some hot sauce at the end and prefer lots of jalepenos.  We heated up some black beans and served them on the side for the crowd, eating it all with the tortillas and our fingers.  Yum!

This week it’ll be migas and French Toast.  More Texans got involved, hence the madness.  This particular Texan contributor is the medal bearer of 10th best poultry grader in Texas.  (And he’s got a bright purple, er, “regal blue” FFA jacket to pin it on.)  Tenth, but out of over 4000.  Go FFA!  Don’t mess with Texas!