My head feels as empty as a pumpkin, or at least as full of mush.  Post paper brain blur.  I’m not into stirring up controversy, but I don’t seem to lack for walking sincerely right into it sometimes.  I turned in a paper this week on 1Timothy 2:11-15.  Yet another topic to learn to speak gracefully about.  

I was glad to get to visit with two dear old roommates of mine this evening.  The same two I had wine and Thai food with shortly after moving into town.  They both asked for me to e-mail them my paper, curious about what I researched and concluded.  I’m breathing a sigh of relief that though we three will all come at this topic quite differently, we can none-the-less to some degree share our perspectives.  I don’t know why I fear all hell will break loose if people don’t agree with one another.  And then I am so relieved when hell doesn’t break loose.  I know I’m full of opinions myself.  Chock full.  But I want to carry the majority of them lightly. 

I’m into peacemaking and peace keeping and have the lowest tolerance, or perhaps overly keen radar, for disturbances in the force.

 Which brings up a theme I’m being enriched by in my Intercultural Attachment class.  Attunement, Misattunement and Reattunement.  Attunement refers to being in synch with or mirroring another’s feelings or emotions.  It is what is going on when we click with someone or “get” one another.  Misattunement is what takes place when we fall out of synch with one another, do not connect, misunderstand or don’t mirror one another.  Reattunement is the process of reconnecting and building back to attunement after a rift.  Reattunment is a place of greater connection than the original Attunement.  I am so uncomfortable with misattunement that I fight hard not to go there and then am quite despairing when it does occur.  

Through this class I’m realizing that (aha!)  I need to look forward to the Reattunements.  Reattunement is coming.  Fight (there’s an excellant use for that word) for Reattunement.  Don’t get stuck in the sadness of Misattunement.  Yeah.  So, I actually am starting to keep my eyes peeled for the Reattunements.  They are not guaranteed, but they are a possibility that I can be part of bringing about.  Yes.  Misattunement is more aptly faced when Reattunement is anticipated.  And Attunement can be more readily sought out and entered into when the fear of Misattunement isn’t murking things up and Misattunement isn’t seen as an end.  

Oh, and since you were wondering… I did register for next quarter’s classes today.  And the scorecard reads: Spirituality and Mission, Poverty and Development, and Hebrew Prophets.  I thought the correction and justice of the prophets would pair well with a look at poverty and global development.  And the Spirituality and Mission class uses Richard Foster as a main text!  Oh boy oh boy!  And two of the profs are ones I’m hoping to do a fair bit of studying under.  And it looks like a good crew of friends will be sharing some of these classes.  Yippy!!  (There is a Globalization and the Poor class lingering in my mind as well.  I think it is going to probably have to remain in Lingers-ville for this quarter.) 

See, I said my head was empty.