So far so rambunctious. Basically we’ve had way too much sugar and cheese for anyone’s good. Kenzel, my 13 year old niece is way bigger then me and K-didder is working her way up. Argghh! Why am I the runt? We’ve successfully had a dance party at least once day…I’m very pleased of course. Mi Madre and K are making a gingerbread house from scratch as I type, and Sufjan Stevens has been the predominant sound track.

There is the remains of snow outside and a couple of small snowpeople looking a bit sorry with their carrot noses lying at their feet. I’m blessed to be with family and enjoying the neck aches brought on from excessive spazzing out with them. The nieces have figured out that I am ticklish and am no longer intimidatingly larger than them. They are relentless.

Though most of my hours have been filled with noise and motion since I arrived at my sister’s, my quieter moments have been filled with prayers for friends and every news of need and hurt that I encounter. What a mixed bag, like pulling out my Christmas gift knitting project on the freeway out of Vegas as I sat waiting for a nasty accident to be cleared, or sitting down to eat a lovely dinner with the family after hearing of a airplane crash in Denver. (Thank you God, no deaths!) Or like hearing of dear Steve J. being Santa and getting to meet and speak comfort to a young girl that just lost her twin in a car accident that he had read about in the news.

Peace to you all as Christmas approaches and we celebrate the wonderful saving juxtaposition of the Light that entered the darkness!