Classes start up again tomorrow and I’m finally back and having a post-holiday miss fest.  I’m missing my sister Summer and family.  I’m missing my dear old friends.   I’m missing those familiar haunts and dear faces that I got to see for so many delightful hours at a time.  I guess I’m showing signs of having had a very rich time over the holidays.  

I hiked in the red rocks of Southern Utah and enjoyed the vistas of snow.  I got sore from dancing and spazzing and then from playing Wii with the neices.  



And then New Year’s found me slightly less apt to soreness after some raring rounds of balloon volleyball.  (One of the better indoor sports going these days.  Leave it to the amazing Pick family to completely stoke you out with a balloon, a string and some no-holding-back competitiveness.  I think I am going to set up a volleyball court in my bedroom.) Oh, and I visited with one of my oldest and continuously inspiring friends, saw the majority of my immediate and extended family, picnic-ed at the  Santa Barbara Mission with a raucous group of dear gals, stayed up late with friends and family, saw my youngest niece get baptized, got to relish time with some of the Hum Co crew, got a phone call from one especially dear “Little Juanny” and may have successfully talked my dear pal E-Jayne into moving South.  Score!  


Oh, and my stomach was sore too from relentless eating.  I’m grateful for the blessing of a full belly, but do we really have to go to excess to celebrate?  I know, I didn’t have to stuff my face.  I just did.   And just to prove my munching capabilities, I won two games over the holidays by sheer pie hole power.  My younger niece has taken to calling her sister “Costco Muffin Mouth” for rather obvious reasons.  Kenzel has inherited quite the mug.  Since she is not the only big mouth in the family, we decided to have a “Muffin Mouth Contest” between the big-mouthed crew of the family.  Basically, Kenzel, her parents and I each had a Costco muffin and competed to see who could take the biggest bight.  Long story short I won.  So I’m the reigning Muffin Mouth of 2008 and I’ll have to defend my title next year.  In case you are wondering, I bit off, chewed and swallowed half of a muffin in one excessive chomp.  Ridiculous I know.  My sister, Summer, nearly had me, but she couldn’t swallow.  

I only could have asked for more Christmas Caroling, less goth-esque tween movies and three less trips to/through Vegas.  (Oh and of course I’m continually asking for humans to know God’s love and extend it more to one another, and a whole heck less of mass consumerism-  But that is not really holiday specific, though perhaps quite appropriate.)    

Here’s a shot of the red rocks of Souther Utah.  Woo wee!  Oh and did I fail to mention that I am as in love as ever with the ocean (which I visited for New Year’s), and that I drove away from it in near tears crying out sonnets of my love and appreciation.  (I can be so over the top, but I’m not kidding.)