Well, we lived a piece of history today!  I mostly just walked around elated.  Peeps come on!  This was amazing!  Michelle Obama is our First Lady!!!!  I’m through the roof right now.  And Obama is our new President!!!!  Amazing!  I love it.

I’m stoked for them and praying for what President Obama has on his plate.  My unsolicited thoughts on his speech are this….  I’m not some huge John Locke fan, so I don’t get overly excited about that sort of rhetoric, but call us to virtue and hope and I’ll holler my head off.  Stand up in grace and mark the turning of a nation from a history where a person’s skin color once was the only determiner of their capabilities and access to goods and power, and I’ll go a little nuts.  Acknowledge those in poverty and the necessity of every person to act in kindness to respond and I’ll whoop it up with the loudest of them. So I’m a little excited today.  And yes it’s true that Obama looks like one of my favorite little boys, Leafy.  (Check out his sweet Baby-Bama mug at journeymama.com) And  that doesn’t hurt either.  

I’m thrilled by all those praying for Obama whether from anxiety or elation.  Keep it coming.  I’m stoked!!  So hip hip hooray!  Joyeux Inauguration Day!