Just a little update on the daily as well.  My dear laptop was down for the count and was sent in for a resurrection.  Turns out it was only mostly dead.  Now it’s back in finer than Frankenstein form.  And so is my blogging.  Back I mean, I’m not going to comment on its form.  (I could have attempted from my dear French roomy’s computer, but that keyboard had me in finger memory fits.  And my French is only so-so as far as navigating her settings etc.)

School is back in.  Week 3.  My classes are beyond stunning.  My profs are blowing my mind daily.  Please everyone read Walking with the Poor by Bryant Myers.  Please don’t bother with whatever other drivel you’re reading these days.  Just jump on that one and be done with it.  Ok.  And then check out the TearFund.com to see why the U.K. kicks some serious tail in the holistic approach to getting it done.  It being love in action towards your next door neighbor and across the globe and the political and holistic approach to poverty relief.  Well, since you’re going all gung ho already now, you might as well get going on reading Judith Ennew’s Street and Working Children.  Just enjoy having your world rocked and your mind blown.  

And I’ve been doing a bit of documentary watching.  Holla!  Call and Response was a gem.  And here comes the part where I  brag a bit.  Well, the director was at the viewing I went to, and he did say a few words at the end that made it sooo much more meaningful.  He connected immediate action and lifestyle change to information that seems distant.  And I did get to participate just a little in some hands on action and discussion afterwards.  (The movie/rockumentary is a sort of mash up of music and the contemporary human trafficking endemic.)  The director made the connection between the trafficking and labor issues and the stuff we wear and buy everyday.  Please.  Say that again already.  Louder if necessary.  So the director is starting a grassroots consumer demand movement for “slave free” products.  From who picks the cotton to who sews the buttons on your collars.  I also finally watched Blood Diamond which baked my noodle and was redemptive and had too much violence for my palette.  I already hurt without seeing reenactments of destruction.  Watch that one and then talk amongst yourselves if you haven’t already.

What else am I up to?  Not enough hiking, but some.  Enjoying new friends.  On a Children at Risk committee that is giving me access to some really neat organizations and info.  Working more.  Hooray!  Digging tutoring some dear junior highers along with the darling/hilarious/not-too-focused grade schoolers.  I just upgraded to a cubicle with a window.  Office job luxury at its finest.  I have felt like my plate is a wee bit overloaded, but I’m attempting to dial down.  (I actually have a class on that.  No joke.  Spirituality and Mission.  I have to meditate on the Scripture and take times of quiet as class assignments.)  Oh and continuing to dig my church fo sho.

Ok, enough of all that.  Just a quick update since I’ve been rather silent.