Well, I haven’t been mostly dead at all though it might have appeared as such given the dormancy of my blog.  I have had plenty of stones to pile.  The one year memorial of Jason Presley’s home-going has come and gone.  I am continuing to gain inspiration from his large large heart, verdant mind and chutzpah to put his wild passions into action.  The aching of his passing has not passed.  And I can reflect on how perfect it was to leave his memorial service to go dance with wild leaps and abandon on the beach of Bodega Bay.  Oh he is cherished!  And I hope to make off with one of the “Sit Here and Dream Big” signs he was part of dreaming up.  

I’ve been enjoying my classes.  This quarter has been high in hands on and low on phenomenal reading.  So I offer no book recommendations at the present.  But if you are interested in purchasing some origin roasted and justly sourced coffee, holler at me quick.  Yes, it appears this quarter has put me  in the coffee business again.  This time I get to work on the sourcing and ethos end of things almost exclusively.  Praise God!

I’ve been enjoying the company of such dear and gifted folks this quarter.  I experienced one of the most rich Easter Holy weeks of my life yet.  Every day was a celebration with some wonderful times of worship in meditative candlelight vespers and a very deep and lovely Passover Seder.  Such gifts!  This quarter has also held heavy doses of shared meals and homegrown music.  Dreaming and scheming have been on the menu as well.  More to follow this summer.  What blessings!

Noël’s 29th birthday just passed.  She is on eternal time, but I commemorated the temporal with a bagel and fruit brekky picnic in the park.  My roomies, mi Novi and his roomies celebrated with me in such a perfectly reminiscent way.  I thank God for the gifts of that day.  The picnic breakfast seemed so full of Noël yet peopled by folks who had never met her.  That was a gift.  And I am being a practice counselee for a friend in a pastoral counseling class.  Noël’s birthday was my first session.  So I just got to sit and talk for nearly an hour about Noël and life without her immediately in it.  What a surprise gift of time and space to verbally reflect.  That kid was great!

And mi Novio.  I’ve stepped most decidedly into a romantic friendship.  I guess you could say things became “official” on April first.  The day we all remember that God uses the foolish things of the world to shame the wise.  I’m just beginning to pile the stones about this dear fellow who I’m calling “mi Novi.”  I’m not sure what to say.  I certainly could use to do some writing out what’s been transpiring with this fellow and the adventures of stepping into a relationship.  Zowy!  I will simply say for now that I thank God a lot and spend a fair bit of time in amazement.  I am quite blissfully and disorientedly preoccupied.  There it is.  Woo wee.  

Peace to you all!