A quick introduction.  I have been admittedly mostly absent.  A research project on human flourishing and economics, as well as an advocacy paper on slavery and exploited labor has been consuming me.  I finished up just in time to take two breaths (they were great!) and dive into new classes.  

First a little closure on the last blog.  My Dad is now bionic.  He has a large squarish lump in his chest which discloses the new pace maker lying just below his skin.  He is charging away, and I am relieved and extremely extremely grateful for getting to continue to have my Dad in this life with me.  Thank you for all the prayers.  I was on a steady cycle of crying and praying for a bit there.

On to today.  I have started a class called Church in Mission in a Global Context.  The class covers the expressions of the church through history to the present throughout the world and in its various traditions.  The class meets twice a week. One of the class  requirements is to respond in writing twice a week to what was discussed in class.  I’m going to take the option to write my response in blog form, so you all will be getting more to read.  Consider the silence broken. Hopefully this will prove to be a nourishing experience for all involved.  I will do my best to steer clear of drivel and overly jargony written responses.  So I should be seeing you all here about twice a month.  First post to follow shortly.  Keep your finger crossed that this quantity comes with quality.