Here’s some of what I was especially enjoying discussing in class on Wednesday…  

The lecture was on what Jesus taught and exemplified…  Breaking down social barriers.  Shared life through shared meals.  Living out Christ’s ethics as a community of believers within the greater community declares God’s Kingdom.  Leadership is washing feet not seats of honor.  The enemy is not Rome or peoples or governments, but Satan.  Great ideas to think about, discuss, and live out!!

Alright, and here’s some of what I didn’t dig in class.   We viewed clips of a television investigative special on who Jesus was.  I realize that I am terribly biased against television news.  Pet peeves-ville.  I should do some investigative introspection on why that is.  When the report started playing eery music behind someone’s simple response to a question, I felt like I was on the “Haunted House” ride or watching the old school “Ripley’s Believer It or Not.”  The message came across as a bit manipulative to me in general.  I had a hard time taking the “news man” to be the objective voice of reason that he is portrayed to be.  I think I see news  shows as too overtly sensational in general.  I get all concerned that the average viewer just takes this sort of thing in as the Truth.  I guess what really bothers me is that this sort of program comes off as objective when it’s just as much subjective perspectives as any op ed. (It wasn’t being presented as the truth in class.)  Let’s agree, discuss, disagree, but let’s not just passively soak it all in.