It’s raining!!!  Hooray!  “Fall is here, school is in,  ring the bells…!”

I went to a dear girl’s wedding this past weekend in my home country in the Northern reaches of woods and waves and mountains.  I stopped for the first time at a roadside burl carving gift shop as I returned back out of  the land of tall trees.  It took traveling with out-of-towners to get me to stop  and experience a local attraction that I’ve looked at from  a passing car my whole life.  And it was in being away with old friends and people who I’ve know my whole life to fully realize how very very attached I am to  the one  who I left behind in my new home in the south.  Awwwww…

In class, when I returned, we discussed thet sort of church Jesus  initiated.  What  kind of community did Jesus establish?  What  a great question.  What did Jesus teach and practice regarding leadership, sacraments, community building, worship, and mission? Why did Jesus gather community around Him?  I loved getting to discuss the answers to these questions.  I’ve been hearing and reading the Bible my whole life, and it is so great to discuss what Jesus was up to from what feels like a new lens of questions.  I’m enjoying the new vistas.  These sort of questions and discussion make me think of when I googled images of the path I trekked in the Himalayas.  The paths I walked and villages I stayed in suddenly felt struck me as new acquaintances and more familiar at the same time.  Fresh air and more at home at the same time.  In class, I’m loving the sense of first meeting what I’ve known so long, and the aged fulfillment in what is newly discovered.