Francis Chan.  I just read a brief article on this fellow- for fun, not for class.  He is a pastor here in So Cal that apparently is working on putting into practice the things we have been discussing in my class.  Chan is a pastor of a “mega-church” that desires to move towards a more small group “priesthood of all believers” sort expression of church.  In the article, as with the class, we are necessarily talking about church models (house churches, neighborhood churches, megachurches, emergent churches…) but it is not so much the form that matters as what sort of function it fosters.  I’m struck by the diversity of expressions of the early church.  I feel like I’m getting a front seat to that same diverse expression today.  Our discussion in class and the article on Chan get me excited for what new/old expressions lay ahead and more so excited for what this may enliven in the church.