More on Orthodoxy this week.  My prof likes to use videos, so we get lots of visuals.  The video we watched Monday clearly had two presuppositions: Orthodoxy is the bizniz and the better the beard the better the man.  Whatever your opinion on Orthodoxy, you have got to admit they take the gold in the bearded Christian department.

Besides beards, I was struck by relationship that the Orthodox Church has had with Islam.  It has been a pretty rough relationship, but one that I thought perhaps the Western Christian church could learn some things from.  The West seems to be scrambling to figure out how to relate and the Orthodox Church has been in the mix with Islamic cultures continuously for centuries. 

My other thought was that the Orthodox Church has been one under persecution for years.  What might the Western Church learn from them and how might we better relate this part of the church?

That’s it for now.  I’ll try to get some beard visuals up for you all next time.