First a quick word on the temperature.  I’m freezing!!!  As only a So-Cal weather wimp can.  Outside this morning isn’t that cold actually, but last night’s temperature is still rattling my bones.  Brrrr….  This cold feeling reminds me of my first night of real chill in Nepal.  I took a shower in an outdoor stall at night.  Steam was pouring out of it, but I’m pretty sure that the water temp was cooler than my body’s.  Brrrr!!!!

Golly, but this isn’t about the weather.  Unless you consider the Church of England something you can take the temperature of.  Last Thursday my class took a field trip to hear the Church of England’s Bishop Graham Cray speak on “turning the ocean liner.”  (By ocean liner, he was referring to the Church of England)  I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about what is going in churches in England.  As is true here as well, the shape of church is shifting.  Have I compared the new expressions of church to charter schools yet?  Well churches seem to be popping up in new forms much like charter schools here in California- prolifically.  They are pioneering avenues of reform for often no longer adequate systems.  Anyway, what struck me as particularly lovely about the lecture, was that the bishops and leaders of the merry ol Church of England are advocating for and equipping these “fresh expressions” of church.  Sweet.  It is as if the state department of education is partnering with all the charter school upshots.  Reform is being advocated for from the top, and the those starting something new don’t have to slink around as if they are breaking the rules and rebelling against what came before.  The new expressions can learn in partnership with the wisdom of what has hundreds of years of history and experience.   (I think I discussed what the fresh expressions are looking like in the last blog, so I won’t go into here.)  Hooray for flexibility, imagination, and creativity!  Hooray for mentoring and aged wisdom and partnership!  I guess the temp of the Church of England may well be quite warm with life.  God bless them!