Well folks, I’ve run a bit behind on one of my blog days from class.  Better late than never in this case.  So here’s a little something on the Catholic Church.  This one’s a bit dry.  Sorry all.

This is admittedly a tough one to blog about.  Tough because this covers a pretty painful section of Christian history.  The class lecture covered a survey of the way the Catholic Church did mission work around the world.  Plenty of lessons to be learned.  Such a mixed bag.  The bad end of the stories are so bad its demoralizing and shocking.  But the positive way mission was done is exemplary  even today.  There is a contrast of inquisitions and slavery, with incarnational living among the poor and humble wisdom to not impose European culture as Christ-centered culture.  The era we covered was loosely the 16th centering, spilling over on both ends.  This would make a good study in and of itself on how the Gospel is shared cross-culturally.  

And flashing forward in history, we touched on Latin American Liberation theology as well.  This dealt with the systemic issues of poverty and sought to put the Bible in the language and hands of the people.  Its pretty political theology.  A friend told me about it years ago after returning from a Summer working in Central America.  The opinions on it seem to be all over the board.  I don’t think I can avoid running into it some more as I seek to be involved in addressing issues of poverty in a globalized economic context.