My apologies, a substantial correction to the Calvinator post.  I got a little carried away with poking fun at my Presbyterian classmates.  Today we talked about the Puritans.  As it turns out, Calvin was a big influence on the Puritans.  The Puritans didn’t so much want to protect themselves from the state altogether as to reform the Church of England’s relationship with the state.  They found the problems to be beyond repair.  They took off to the “New World” because they wanted to more or less start from scratch and recreate the Calvin model without the immutable problems of the church in England.  Presbyterians, maybe you weren’t completely dissing Calvin to miss the lecture in for the the Thanksgiving holiday.   

And a further note, we also discussed the Anabaptists.  I’m getting an idea of where the  present day differences of worship expression came from.  Babies versus adults is a question of whether you are baptized into a community (Calvin) or baptized as an outward sign of living according to a a certain faith (Anabaptists).  Curious.  We don’t persecute adult baptisms these days, but it is interesting to see the roots of these issues.  Oh golly-  Heaps to think about and finals demand the end of mind wandering for the next week and a half. 

Peace all.  

P.S. I realize that I don’t always explain my wacky terms and references- like “baptasm”.  Sorry guys, too many random thought to explain.