I haven’t said a wink on this blog for some time.  But it seems worth noting into the cyber-cosmos that Davi and I are moving away in just a couple of days.  This has been a tumultuous process, but like diving into a cold ocean wave, it is well worth the passing discomforts.

Home…  We drove south from the Santa Cruz mountains Thursday (the 27th) thanking God for the coast line we love and the bomber sunsets it holds. Ok, we drove along a bit cranky at first with the rash like itch of goodbyes leaving us unsettled and emotionally fidgety.  It took a minute to shake the  crankiness to recognize the sorrow of parting and and the gratitude laying so thick in the sadness.  This coast line has been home to both David and I.  Our families are our homes.  Dear soil-rich years of cultivated friendships are our homes.  We are each others’ home.  And over all this, the refuge under the hollow of God’s wing is our home.

We drove briefly to Arroyo Grande to stay the night with my brother and fam, to plant as many kisses on the faces and necks of my nephews as they would allow, and to just share in my Broseph’s and Becky’s presence for a bit.  And then on to Santa Barbara.  Family and delightful friends.  Mmmmm….  And Al Merrick boards, hints of Tom Curren, and perfectly breaking sets of longboarding waves rolling endlessly through Rincon.  The smell of SB coastline!  How did so much of my childhood pop up in that day?  I’m thankful for the sweetness of that goodbye.  I do plan to return of course.

That will do for home and goodbyes for now.  I’m grateful. Thanks be to God.