Everybody must pile stones.

Writing an “about” page seems like a weighty thing to do, but then so does keeping a blog.   So here goes. 

I’ve got this idea that keeping a blog can be my way of piling stones.  The Hebrew Scriptures tell of how the Israelites (as individuals and on group outings) used to pile up stones as a reminder of what God had done in a time or place, as a memorial to specific interactions they had with Him.  Piles of stones, called cairns, are also used by backpackers or hikers to mark out a trail for themselves to trace their steps or for others to follow in terrain where there is no path.  Both of these kinds piles of stones serves as memorials and markers.  

I’m hoping that this blog might be a place for me to stack some rocks as testimonies of God’s interaction in my life and as pathway markers for myself and those who might be working on trekking through the same stretch of land.  

Here’s where my trail begins.  I’m starting this blog on the cusp of entering seminary to pursue a masters in cross-cultural studies.  I’m heading toward territory that is new to me and likely towards familiar seeming territory that I will be approaching in a completely new way.