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I’m barely emerging from the silences with this brief update…

Here’s the short, finals-are-rushing-in, also-engaged-in-studies-of-poverty, version.

Davidas and I got engaged! It happened on Friday the 12th of February  just before Valentine’s Day.  We went both had called each other’s parents that week to seek their blessings.  On Friday, Davidas put together a bicycle scavenger hunt that had me following clues all over Pasadena.  We proposed under a large tree above a fountain and gazing pool.  We cried and laughed the whole way.  It was pretty wonderful.  We biked back to Davi’s community (he lives in an intentional community) where friends were gathered to hoot and holler with us.  We screamed together, told the story in detail, got prayed for, and toasted the celebration with deserts and celebratory beverages.  It was lovely.

Davidas is  wearing a ring on a cord around his neck and I’m wearing a simple family heirloom band on my finger.  

We’re stoked. I’m trying to keep my head in the game of finishing grad school.  I’m mildly distracted.  I knew marriage was a self-revealing and refining endeavor, but engagement is proving to be some of that as well.  Hence the “ed” part of being engaged.  I’m getting a dual degree at the moment it appears.  It’s good.

Here we is!


Lovely gathering of Friends to Hoo-rah it up with us.

 That’s the haps!  Peace to y’all.